Saga: Page Analysis

The above pages are from Volume 1, Chapter 2 of the Vaughan/Staples scifi ongoing Saga (earlier reading response can be found here.) We previously left Alana, Marko, & baby Hazel off as they resolved to find a rocketship & fly off of the planet Cleave, where a vicious battle has broken out. In this chapter, we first find the family being snatched by […]


Nobody’s ever been cooler than the kid dressed like an AquaBat standing four spots in front of me in a block-long line at 11am on the first Saturday of May. The line we’re in leads to Atomic City Comics, where piles upon piles of of free back issues & Free Comic Book Day exclusives are ready for us to browse. But waiting […]

Samandal Shakes Off A Censorship Scandal

Samandal is a Beirut-based, trilingual anthology comic book which provides a platform for Middle Eastern cartoonists & serves an underrepresented market (stores in the region mostly boast North American titles that have passed the censors). It’s also a highly collaborative non-profit organization that runs on the work of four editors & a legion of volunteers. Currently, it also-also […]

Cultural Immersion Through Manga

Japanese manga have a dedicated fanbase in America, primarily among young readers. As a cashier at a prominent book store (for the sake of privacy, let’s call it Nornes & Bable), I can’t help but notice that I sell at least one pile of manga books to someone who appears no older than 21 years old […]

Roz Chast, & the Subtle Art of Cartoons

You wouldn’t expect much depth of emotion to seep through the art of New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast. But in Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir, her signature sketchy lines add a measure of fragility to the characters from her life, especially Elizabeth & George Chast, her 90-something parents who are all too aware of their imminent deaths […]

Musical Influence – Pathfinder

This pathfinder assignment explores the longtime relationship between music, comics, & their respective creators, broken into 3 categories as Biographies (of musicians, friends, & fans alike); Fiction about made-up bands or the imagined fantasy lives of people; & Cultural Change, stories which focus on entire genres rather than individual figures. All of the resources are available through NYPL. Also included are the album Absolutely the […]

Superhero Primer: 5 Recommendations For New Readers

Our discussion on recommending superhero comics to people who don’t read superhero comics last class kept me thinking. Since it was on my mind, I decided to make a list of titles that total newbies to the genre can enjoy. I tried not to pick my persona favorite books, but ones which are critically well-received, appeal to a variety […]